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2nd Semester of 2020-21 Seattle Campus Online Class Registration Infor…

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작성자 시애틀관리자 작성일21-01-08 08:40 조회9,799회 댓글0건



Dear Parents and Family,


Happy New Year! A hopeful new year has come. A hopeful new year has come.
I hope you all stay healthy and safe with family.
After two weeks of vacation, online registration for the second semester begins on January 4th.
In the second semester, we looked forward to seeing everyone in person, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all classes are held online in the second semester.
Even in difficult times many students enrolled last semester. We hope for your continued support.

The last class of the first semester is January 16th (Saturday) and 20th (Wednesday). The first class of the second semester starts on February 6th. 
From the second semester, all classes are held on Saturdays, and all grades except preschool and kindergarten classes are held for 3hours.

In the second semester, events such as New Year's Day, the March 1st Movement event, Yearbook cover contest, and the market day are held online.
We ask for your interest and participation. Please be sure to complete the registration during the registration period.

Online Registration :
Enrolled Student Registration : 1/4/21 (Mon) 9AM ~ 1/10/2021 (Sun) 10PM
New Student Registration : 1/11/21 (Mon) 9AM ~ 1/16/21 (Sat) 10PM

Second semester registration site  

Thank you,


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91 2020-2021학년도 2학기 시애틀 캠퍼스 온라인 수업 등록 안내 인기글 시애틀관리자 01-08 9594
90 USBKS 12월 가정통신3 ( USBKS December Newsletter 3) : 2020년 12월 2… 인기글 시애틀관리자 12-28 9231
89 제 3회 으뜸 봉사상 시상식 인기글 시애틀관리자 12-19 11722
88 USBKS 12월 가정통신2 ( USBKS December Newsletter 2) : 2020년 12월 1… 인기글 시애틀관리자 12-19 9494
87 USBKS 12월 가정통신 1( USBKS December Newsletter 1 ) 인기글 시애틀관리자 12-19 10339
86 2020 글쓰기 대회 수상자 명단/ List of the winners writing contest in 2… 인기글 시애틀관리자 11-18 9749
85 2020-2021학년도 USBKS 온라인 수업 / 2020-2021 USBKS Online Class 인기글 시애틀관리자 11-18 10844
84 USBKS 11월 가정통신 2 ( USBKS November Newsletter 2 ) 인기글 시애틀관리자 11-18 9358
83 USBKS 11월 가정통신 ( USBKS November Newsletter ) 인기글 시애틀관리자 11-05 10256
82 USBKS 10월 가정통신 ( USBKS October Newsletter ) 인기글 시애틀관리자 10-04 11758
81 10월 학습꾸러미 배부 안내/ Information on pickup of a learning package… 인기글 시애틀관리자 09-25 10920
80 서북미 학예경연대회 수상자 인기글 시애틀관리자 09-25 11359
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