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시애틀 공지사항

January, 2019 Newsletter

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작성자 시애틀캠퍼스 작성일19-01-03 21:45 조회15,776회 댓글0건



Dear parents,

The New Year has come! Happy New Year! I wish you all health and wellness in the New Year. On January 3rd, we will start registration for the second semester. Please continue supporting our school with love!

* 2nd Semester registration                                                                     

On line Registration: www.usbks.us (Starting from January 3rd  )                               

Walk-in Registration: school office (January 5th - February 9th , Saturday only)                    

Tuition for parents who want to learn Korean is 100 dollars.                                  

Starting the second semester, we will open a new enrichment class: Choir Class

Information: 206-795-1090, [email protected] 


* Events for January 12th

1. There is an in-school speaking contest on January 12 at 9:30 AM in room 301. Please see attached file for further instructions.

2. Also, at 12:30 pm will be held at the United Seattle Korean School Volunteer Service Award ceremony. The purpose of this service award ceremony is to provide a position for and reward tutors who serve Korean schools and to make them feel the value of their service.


3. At 1:30 pm, the Korean Consulate General will be in attendance on January 12 and will hold a Korean nationality military service briefing. Parents are encouraged to attend in order to receive the most up to date information on the Korean nationality military service and to see if their children will be affected.


Jang-tuh-nol-ih(Market day) on January 19th

On January 19th , the last day of the first semester, we will have Jang-tuh-nol-ih(Market day). For this event, we will need a lot of support from parents. We will need donations and services. If you are interested, please read the attached file. You will be able to register through email as well. I wish all family members could participate in this event and have great fun.

January event
• 12th January: 
USBKS Speech Contest ( 10 AM )
• 12th January: Volunteer Service Award ceremony (12:30 to 1:30)

Korean nationality military service briefing (Korean Consulate General)
• 19th January: USBKS Speech Contest Awards ceremony and Market Day

• 26th January: No School



USBKS Korean Speech Contest

2nd semester registration form

Jang-tuh-nol-ih event donations form


교장(Principal): 윤혜성( Haesung Yoon ) [email protected]

교감 ( Vice Principal) : 최영옥 ( Youngoak  Choi) (206)795-9010


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