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Second Semester Registration

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Registration Periods:

Returning Students: 1/13(9 am)-1/19/2020(10 pm)
New Students: 1/20(9 am)-1/24/2020(10 pm)

As a new policy for our full classes, we are not accepting new intro or beginning level students during 2nd semester. (returning students are eligible for registration) 
A student must have basic Korean understanding and be able to follow along a class in mostly Korean to qualify as intermediate/advanced and register as a new student during 2nd semester.

1st Child: 240 (Korean class) + 15 (PTA) + 15 (text, only for certain classes) 
2nd Child: 200 (Korean classes, 2nd child discount) + 15 (PTA) + 15 (text, only for certain classes)
Parent of Student: 100 (Korean classes, parent discount) +15 (text) + 15 (PTA)
Adult that is not the parent of a student: 240 (Korean classes) + 15 (PTA) +15 (text)
Enrichment Class: $90 + $15 (supplies fee only for certain classes) 
Text fees are only for certain classes (elementary/middle/high school classes are exempt from this fee) 

Thank you,


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