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USBKS Newsletter February 1st "Welcome!"

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USBKS 2월 가정통신: 2020년 2월 1일 (February 1st Newsletter )
발 신 (From) : 시애틀 벨뷰 통합한국학교 시애틀캠퍼스 교장( USBKS Principal)
수 신 (To)    : 학부모님(Parents)   

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for registering for 2019-2020 spring semester! I sincerely admire you for sending your children every Saturday, and supporting to keep their Korean heritage.
Our teachers will do their best to teach Korean culture and history through a proper language course. Please continue to support our school with your attention and enthusiasm.

The first day of the second semester begins on February 1st.
On this day there are no enrichment classes.

On February 1st, we will be celebrating Lunar New Years! If your child owns a Korean Traditional Hanbok, please have them wear the Hanbok to school on this day. 
The PTA will prepare Korean traditional rice cake soup (Tteokguk, 떡국) for Lunar New Years. We suggest that students bring a light lunch for February 1st, to enjoy the Tteokguk.

All tuition payments in form of check will be accepted at the school office.
We are also now accepting in person tuition payment via credit card at our office. If you have not paid your student’s second semester tuition, please do so as soon as possible.

◈ We would like to ask you to follow the procedures listed below, to help us to provide better education more efficiently..
- Encourage your children to speak or write in Korean, and also use Korean when you talk with your children.
- Help your children to be in class on time.
- Have your children do their homework and prepare class materials if needed.
- In case of absence, please notify the teacher in advance, and you can visit the school website ( to find summary of lessons and homework.

◈ Times to pick up -  regular class: 12:OOpm   /   enrichment class: 1:00pm
No enrichment classes on February 1st and June 6th.

◈ Lunch is not served in school. All students must bring their snack.  

◈  Volunteer for the United Korean School! All parents/guardians are invited to join the PTA. If you are interested, please contact (206)-631-9304 or e-mail [email protected].

◈ Please do not park in the Drop Off Area with the yellow line. This area is ONLY for dropping off and picking up students. Parking in this area causes traffic, can be dangerous, and prevents timely drop off and pick up.
If you must park, there are plenty of parking spaces for that purpose. As a reminder, do not leave any valuables in your vehicle to prevent any potential burglary. Thank you for your cooperation.

◈ The school calendar is attached

Thank you all and we are excited to see you on February 1st!  

Thank you,
Haesung Yoon
United Seattle & Bellevue Korean School-Seattle Campus                                  


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