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벨뷰 공지사항

Zoom 수업 시 주의사항 / Precautions for Zoom Class

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       <Zoom 수업  주의사항 Precautions for Zoom Class>


o   온라인 수업이기 때문에 컴퓨터 주위를 정돈해주시고 학생들의 관심을 끌만한 장난감이나 소품들은 치워주십시오.


Since it is an online class, please tidy up around the computer and remove toys or props that would attract students' attention.


o   어린 자녀들이라도 공부할  부모님이 바로 옆에 계시면 수업에 집중을 못하는 경향이 있습니다부모님들께서는 자녀의 소리는 들으실  있지만 자녀들의 눈에는 띄이지 않는 곳에서 대기해주시면 감사하겠습니다.


Even young children tend find themselves unable to concentrate when their parents are right next to them during class. Parents can listen in on the lectures and their children, but we would appreciate it if you could do so in a place where they cannot see and be distracted by you.


o   자녀 여러명이  번에 수업을 들을 경우에 서로 소리에 방해가 되지 않도록 각기 다른 장소에서 공부하도록 도와주시고학생들이 사용  이어폰이나 마이크를 준비해주세요.


If several of your children are in their classes at once, please have them study in different rooms so that they don't interfere with each other's sounds, and also prepare earphones or microphones for students to use.


o   줌수업  학생들이 모두 화면을 켜고 수업 받을수 있도록 도와주십시오화면에 얼굴이 보이지 않을 경우출석에 불이익을 당할수도 있음을 알려드립니다.


Please help you children turn on the camera on the zoom call. If teachers cannot see their student’s face on the screen, they will be marked absent.





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